Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few more suggestions

Congressman Dennis Moore has offered to look into this and I thought it would be nice just to say, "Thanks." I've included a link to his office. He only accepts email from KS constituents, but you can drop a little "Thank you" note in the mail to his Overland Park office if you don't live in KS.

Also, Governor Sebelius seems to be a compassionate and caring person. Perhaps a copy of your letter to KS HCC might make her aware of the situation for her state employees. You can write her here.

I'm being denied out of ignorance - a lack of understanding about the kinds of components and what they do. All they see is the bottom line which usually means money. Nonetheless, the bottom line is still about the disparity between Medicaid and State Employees and the Governor needs to be made aware that her State Employees with limb loss are under served - POLITELY made aware.