Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Obstacles

BCBS of KS sent me a letter last week saying they would expedite my second level appeal if I would "respond to this inquiry and send your reply to the expeditor." What inquiry? "This" inquiry. Was there a question, a query, a search for information or the truth? No. Word for word, that's what it said. I tried pressing the letter to my forehead but my Carnac the Magnificent skills have been lacking of late.

It's moot anyway when you consider the State of the State. (click link to read article and see video) There are some interesting numbers in this article - KS has the worst benefits dollar-for-dollar, 40th in the nation for pay and there's a State Employee Union? I didn't know that! Now there's talk of not getting paid. This looks more like attention-getting political wrangling but I'll let you know on Friday.

Fighting for parity is hard enough but during a recession is nearly impossible. It seems every small gain is countered by a mammoth setback.