Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Hopeful Story

Here's an inspirational story about a young man, who after losing both legs, realized that other amputees, especially children, aren't getting adequate insurance coverage. When I read about the 6 year old who was denied an adequate prosthetic - geez - how many stories before we say, "Enough is enough!"? How do these people sleep at night?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A relevant and powerful editorial

A friend of mine, a professional woman and probably one of the most intelligent and logical thinkers that I've ever had the privilege of knowing, weighed in with her opinion about what's wrong with "health-I-could-care-less" today. She has given me permission to post part of her message here:

The whole political system is broken. This isn't about Democrat vs Republican. It's about entitlement vs. greed and outright theft. Both are wrong. Neither one sits well with me. Neither one works for me. Is it somehow inherently better or more noble to be raped by the private health care sector interests than by the government? I don't think so. They're both wrong, and if you actually are a productive member of society in any way you're going to be raped by both. That's what is so wrong, and it's just beginning to dawn on people. It's not just health care. It's everything, and the answer does not lie on either side of the aisle. I don't know who it is, but there's a real Messiah out there somewhere. Whoever he or she is needs to truly speak to and look after the interests of real Americans. Americans who work hard, pay their bills, send their loved ones to war, mind their own damned business and do good works within their sphere. We ARE the majority, but no one is representing us. Not only are we the majority, we are the heart beat of the system and no one seems to get that. The real Messiah will have no agenda beyond the welfare of America, which is as simple as the welfare of the core of its citizens. It's that simple.


"A member of the no longer silent majority"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Urgent - Connecticut citizens, ACT NOW!

If you are a citizen of Connecticut go here to get what you need to contact your state legislators. Ask them to override the Governor Rell's veto of HB 5021. Write your governor and ask her to reconsider. Your health and independence are at stake.

Honestly - how incredibly short sighted. Here we have states in dire financial straights, dependent on income tax and yet the governor vetoes a bill that keeps people working, independent and off state Medicaid.

The clock is ticking - turn the tide in your state! One little voice in Kansas is rooting for you!