Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why you can't get an arm or a leg

I was doing a little reading this afternoon and came across this report from United Health Care. If you're here reading this blog because your insurance has denied your prosthesis, you should read it. While we cheer the success of states who have passed prosthetic parity into law, remember that there are people out there who don't want you to have an arm or a leg. For example:

House passes bill that would mandate coverage for prosthetic devices and prevent insurers from offering high deductible health plans. Despite efforts from the business community and insurers, the Iowa House of Representatives voted to mandate coverage for prosthetic devices at the same level as Medicare (HF 311)...

Legislature hears testimony on mandated coverage bills. On February 17, 2009, the Nebraska Insurance Federation and the Nebraska Health Underwriters testified in opposition to three bills mandating coverage for prosthetics to the extent covered by Medicare (LB 149)...

Benefit mandate legislation passes. Legislation that passed this session requires coverage for prosthetics... [KFG: Actually, Governor Rell vetoed the bill so Virginia amputees lost out. Much to the delight of the insurance industry I'm sure!]

The insurance industry is well aware of the push for prosthetic parity and is keeping their people busy making sure it doesn't pass. There are some contact emails on the United Health We-could-Care-less-about-you report. Perhaps you might feel inclined to write them a letter!

Wondering where those premium dollars are going? Sending people to the state capitals and congress to make sure you don't get what you need. What's their slogan? "Healing Healthcare. Together." That's a big ol' warm fuzzy, isn't it? Good to know they're looking out for your best interest, 'eh?