Monday, December 7, 2009

Dollars and Sense

Here's an interesting viewpoint  that I came across from Hewitt Associates. [Wikinition: Hewitt Associates (NYSE: HEW), based in Lincolnshire, Illinois is a global human resources (HR) outsourcing and consulting firm delivering a complete range of integrated services to help companies manage their total HR and employee costs, enhance HR services, and improve their workforces.]

Since I'm becoming more than a little jaded after a few years of this fight, I didn't expect a favorable view of prosthetic parity from this company but I was pleasantly surprised. They obviously understand the dollars and cents (sense). It's a little outdated in that 17 states have now passed prosthetic parity into law. Nonetheless, it's encouraging that a company of this magnitude, with a primary focus in managing costs, enhancing HR services and improving the workforce, sees the wisdom behind prosthetic parity. Thank you, Hewitt Associates!