Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's against the law now in 11 states to restrict prosthetic coverage. Leglislation is pending in 30 more states. That's 41 states in which legislation is either pending or passed. That leaves only 9 states in the dark and the Governor of one of those states is President Obama's choice for the Director of Health and Human Services. I've been reflecting on the appointment of Governor Kathleen Sebelius to Director of Health and Human Services for the last few days. It's weirdly ironic, that's for sure. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about it. Problem is, I'm trying to form an opinion with no evidence from the Governor or her appointees to the Kansas Health Care Commission that they really care about the issue of prosthetic parity because...well...frankly, because neither the Governor or her appointees have responded to a single letter that we've written. On the other hand they are considering changing the 2010 state employee health care contract. Ask me again in May when a decision is made on the contract. Ask me again when the Federal prosthetic parity bill gets sent to HHS.

News from other states:

Utah - the House has passed a prosthetic parity bill. Opponents complain saying, "We won't have a market driven health care system." R-i-g-h-t. Market driven. I'm going to stop here before I say something profane. The cost? 18 cents per policy holder. "OOoo...I don't know. Should I get the policy with or without the prosthetic coverage in case I should have an accident and lose a limb or should I buy a chicklet?"

Virginia - SB 1116 was passed by the Virginia House on a 99 to 0 vote. There is one more bureaucratic step to make sure the Senate agrees to move the House version, but the bill should be on its way to the Governor's desk very soon. *UPDATE* The bill passed the House and Senate!

Maryland - (video)

Missouri - On March 10, 2009, the Missouri Senate Committee considering the Prosthetic Parity Bill voted unanimously (7-0) to pass it! It still has to pass the House committee and then the full House and Senate but this is a great start and speaks to the soundness of the bill. GO Big MO!

Kansas - Prosthetic parity? Here's an old fence post and a paring knife. Get to whittlin' there girl!