Friday, April 10, 2009

State Updates

Iowa: Passed House and Senate, on its way to the Governor. Yeah!

Texas: Passed out of the House (105 yes, 35 no), on its way to the Senate. All 35 "no" votes were from Republicans who oppose the bill based on their philosophy that government shouldn't meddle in private affairs. Well, if someone had been paying attention in 2000 when insurance companies pulled a fast one it wouldn't have come to this, would it? See my previous post on mandating fairness.

Utah: Rep. HB 89 passed the House but never got a Senate vote. The bill would have affected up to 7,000 Utahns who need prosthetics. The sponsor of the bill, Rep. David Litvak (D-Salt Lake City), was told insurance companies won't offer coverage because the pool of users is too small to make it worthwhile.

Hey, "Peg"...How does that make you feel?

Think about this - the "pool of users" are the hard working, tax paying and premium paying customers of insurance companies that refuse to cover prosthetics. Prosthetics promote ABILITY. The ability to work, stay active and healthy and continue contributing to society you stupid, incredibly short-sighted pack of nincompoops! But then, we're not worth bothering with, are we? Don't these 7,000 people in Utah vote? I hope every single one of you is paying attention and make your voices heard. Gather up your friends, families and supporters and go march on the Capitol. Each one of you write a letter and have all your friends write too. "Too small to make it worthwhile?!" Utah advocates - put that phrase on your T-shirts and go make a scene!