Thursday, January 21, 2010

One small step for health care reform, One giant leap for prosthetic parity...

Doesn't look like the health care bill is going to get passed anytime soon so here's the perfect solution...

Pass HR 2575, the federal prosthetic parity bill.

Think about it. Over 1.7 million people in the US have lost a limb. Losing a limb is catastrophic and when your insurance company considers a limb prosthesis a convenience or a luxury item (yet covers prosthetic breasts and penile implants) it is emotionally, physically and financially devastating for millions of families.

You want tax dollars? Put people in limbs and get them back to work. You want to reduce the drain on state coffers for vocational rehabilitation and welfare? Put people in the proper prosthetic, the one prescribed by their health care professional, and get them back to work. Do you want determined, gritty, can-do people in your workforce? Hire an amputee. This bill doesn't cost money, it saves money. It's a no brainer. Get behind it and pass it.

Speaking of getting behind HR 2575... much to my delight and surprise, I found that Jerry Moran (R-KS, 1st district) co-sponsored HR 2575! Thank you Representative Moran! If he's in your district, or even if he isn't, give him a pat on the back.

Just for fun, I started looking into other state-managed employee health care plans to see if any other states, like Kansas, use the same discriminatory language to limit prosthetic coverage for their employees. So far I've checked Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Mississippi. Nope. All covered under medical and many with maximum out-of-pocket ranging about $2,000. Interesting.

More to come.