Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two things

I'll admit I've not spent much time here lately but two things caught my eye this week. First, there's an interesting and detailed summary of what it took to get prosthetic parity - not true parity, but a compromise - through Virginia. If you're interested, you can read it here: click me

This paragraph hit home: One of the reasons for the Advisory Commission's recommendation was the extremely positive report prepared by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. The JLARC report cited among other things 1) it was a reasonable presumption that amputees deserved to receive reimbursement from their health insurance for prosthetic care, 2) amputees who received the prosthetic care they needed were likely to return to life as productive members of society which could in turn save the state's social assistance programs, 3) the projected cost for the proposed coverage would be about .24 cents per month.

It is a very frank report and brings home why I cannot single handedly bring prosthetic parity to KS.  Nevermind that niggly detail, you know, the fact that I don't live in KS. Apparently I'm the only person working for KS who can't get insurance coverage for their prosthetic. Hmmm...who knew?

Then there's this especially hard hitting essay by Jothy Rosenberg about the indignity of going through airport security. It had my stomach tied up in knots by the time I was done reading. I've experienced the same embarassment and humiliation in airports and try to laugh it off. Ha-ha! Isn't it funny being an amputee and stripping down for the Looky-Lu's! There's nothing more fun than being the freak in the freak-show! Well, it isn't funny and it wears a body down. Between the humilation of baring your soul begging for a leg to stand on and baring your butt in airport security to total strangers it's more than I can stomach anymore.

Unless I find some new motivation or inspiration, I'm taking a breather.