Monday, November 10, 2008

Congratulations to...

...KS State Senator Janis Lee on her re-election. Senator Lee has taken the time to listen to the need for prosthetic parity legislation in the state of KS.

...Congressman Dennis Moore on his re-election. His office has taken the time and effort to inquire about my "situation" and hit the same stone wall I did. Congressman Moore...please support HR 5615 and add your name as a Co-sponsor of this bill.

...Congressman Emanual Cleaver on his re-election. Hey - I voted for you just so I could keep nagging you about co-sponsoring HR 5615. My letters to your office are ignored. Well, except for the one where you told me you would support the mental health parity bill when I said PROSTHETIC parity. The mental health bill sweetened the pot for the bailout, so that's done and all behind us. Come on. Congressman Lacey in St. Louis is a co-sponsor. We look like slackers here in KC.

Speaking of slackers...there's not a single Kansas representative or senator listed as a co-sponsor in support of HR 5615 or S 3517! Want to see if your senator or representative is listed? Look here. Get after them! The election is over. Time to get back to work!

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