Wednesday, January 14, 2009

URGENT - Breaking News!

You must watch this video (CLICK HERE!) on Good Morning America! Please write Good Morning America and share my story. This is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the lack of prosthetic parity in Kansas! If you can't get the video, you can read the transcript by clicking on this link.

The latest report I have from the policy makers in KS is that the Chairman of the Health Care Commission, Duane Goossen, is also the state budget director and the budget is a mess, so I'm way, way, down on the priority list. Let's rock the boat.

You can watch the videos down below too, but for now, START HERE.


  1. I wrote to ABC, too. I hope something changes for Kathleen and everyone else who needs these prosthetics soon!!!

  2. I wrote to ABC this afternoon as well as the Kansas Governor AGAIN. Don't give up and keep those e-mails and info coming. 1-14-09 Linda

  3. I wrote Good Morning America and told of your situation and about the appeals and ask for their help. Believe they will hear.
    Cindy Taylor 1-14-09

  4. What a heart-breaking story, but w/ a satisfying ending. I wrote to ABC, encouraging them to bring more attention to this disparity...keep on'a'fightin'!


  5. I too wrote to ABC in hopes of getting some more heat put on the State of Kansas to pass a prosthetic parity law.

  6. I wrote GMA to bring more attention to this whole situation. Hopefully they can get things moving for all amputees!


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