Friday, July 30, 2010

Disparity in Action

Same-o, Same-o. How long have we been at this? Disgusting isn't it? The state laws are nice but the self-insured plans, like those in Kansas would be exempt if a state prosthetic parity law passed. That's why my energy is no longer directed towards introducing legislation in Kansas. Instead, I've directed efforts to pass the Federal parity bills that will enforce the law in all states.

I wrote my Senators and Representatives several months ago asking them to Co-Sponsor and support S. 3223 and HR 2575. Here's the tally so far:

Cleaver, D-MO: No response. Previous letters responding to my request were totally off topic, i.e., mental health parity, the national health care bill, both of which have passed and in the years I've been writing, the Prosthetic Parity Bill is still on the table. His office has never acknowledged that I'm asking him to Co-Sponsor the HR 2575.

Bond, R-MO: No response, ever.

McCaskill, D-MO: Responded that she would like to support it, but there was no Senate Bill. *sigh* Why is it up to me to point out that there is a Senate Bill? I realize of course that Senators are too busy to know what all is out there, but don't they have people working for them? Sheesh! Look it up!

I'm happy to report that Jerry Moran, R, KS-1 has Co-Sponsored HR 2575 as have 27 other Representatives; just not mine.

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