Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I voted against...

... my representative, Emanuel Cleaver, D-MO. For two years I've never gotten a response that made any sense, much less addressed the issue of prosthetic parity. I received letters that assured me that mental health parity was indeed important (huh?!) and that yes, he supported the health care bill (prosthetic parity was not included in the massive health care reform bill) and I forget what the latest generic response I got was, but none addressed HR 2575. I mean, how hard is this really? A Google search could find the text for "HR 2575." Cut, paste, co-sign the bill and I'm a happy voter. Too late. My one vote didn't matter though so it's back to work trying to make my voice heard.

On the flip side, Jerry Moran, R-KS, has cosigned the bill and is now a US Senator. Congratulations to Senator Moran and thank you again.

Now, please, let's get these bills passed. Please contact your senators and representatives!

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