Thursday, November 24, 2011

S.773 in Committee

Currently, S.773 is in the committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. You can find all of the committee members here. If one of them represents your state, please contact them and encourage them to get this bill moving. Even if your state isn't represented here, please send the sample letter below to your state Senator:

Dear Senator __________

I am writing to ask you to support S.773, “Insurance Fairness for Amputees” which is currently in the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

Many amputees who have insurance do not receive the same standard of care that is customary from the Veteran’s Administration, Medicare and Medicaid. Children with limb loss are often limited to “one limb for life.” Medically necessary prosthetics are arbitrarily designated as “luxurious, deluxe, convenient or performance enhancing” and thereby denied. Families mortgage their homes or give up their child’s college education or retirement savings in order to pay out of pocket for a prosthetic limb. Twenty states have passed laws that prevent this kind of insurance discrimination but self-insured plans covered by ERISA are exempt. S.773 would prevent this exemption and would provide insurance fairness for all amputees in America.

This is not a mandate or a hand out. It is only fair. Prosthetic limbs would be covered like any other medical expense according to the plan contract. States that have passed the insurance fairness laws have shown that insurance premium costs would increase by only pennies a month.

All people with limb loss who pay for insurance should receive appropriate and medically necessary treatment: their arms and legs. Prosthetics provide dignity and self-reliance. Prosthetics put people back to work. Returning amputees to the workforce strengthens a community and its economy.


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