Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Final Post - Mission Accomplished!

It's a new day. The insurance contract language in the Kansas State Employee Health Plan has been revised from:

"If you elect to purchase a prosthetic appliance or device with deluxe enhancements or features such as electronic components, microprocessors or other features designed to enhance performance (God forbid we would want to enhance performance for an amputee!), 'the Plan' is only responsible for the amount that would have been allowed for a basic (standard) appliance. You will be responsible for paying the additional cost of the deluxe enhancements, electronic components, microprocessors, performance enhancements, comfort, convenience or luxury items."


"Coverage is provided for Medically Necessary Prosthetic appliances or devices including, but not limited to, purchase of artificial limbs, breasts, and artificial eyes. Coverage is limited to the basic (standard) appliance or device which will restore the body part or function. Assistive electronic components for Prosthetic devices will be considered eligible for coverage when medically necessary."

Many thanks to everyone who made this possible. Without your support and efforts, this would not have been possible. Since we have finally achieved our goal, this will be my final post.


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